WATCH: Alexa Chung Reveals Her Foolproof DJ Party Trick

Alexa Chung stopped by Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night ostensibly to promote her new Lifetime show, 24-Hour Catwalk, which premieres next week, but the pair spent most of the segment discussing the British English-to-American English translations of words as well as Chung’s pretend deejaying skills.

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To wit:

Alexa Chung: “You say ‘Deejay’ and that’s very — I mean, that’s a loose term. I essentially make two CDs and I don’t really mix. I basically just press play and make it look like I’m very busy. And if I run out of things to do… I’ll resort to just being a bit stupid behind [the deejay booth] to entertain people that are obviously disappointed with my music choices… If there’s a desk, I pretend to walk down stairs.”

Jimmy Fallon: “That is so lame! That is so lame.”

Alexa Chung: “Lame?! It’s incredibly charming.”

The most charming thing about this is Chung’s ability to admit she doesn’t actually “deejay”. If only more celebrities would follow suit.


Oh, they also spent a little time bowling footballs, in case you’re interested.


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