Alexa Chung Serenades Us At Saks, Thinks Trends Are ‘Bullsh*t’

“I don’t see nothing wrong with a little bump and grind,” Alexa Chung sang to us while wearing our plastic dinosaur ring.

We had no clue Chung would be DJing the Harper’s Bazaar-hosted bash for the new Pucci boutique at Saks last night, but we managed to muster up a bit of (liquid) courage and chat up the girl with what many consider the world’s most enviable style. We wore what we always wear — jeans, a dude sweater, lace-ups, and tons of jewelry. While we looked decidedly casual for the evening (constantly underestimating an event’s fanciness is our forte), our penchant for party supply store jewelry did just the trick.

Chung complimented our green T-Rex ring and asked to try it on. (We died. She tweeted about it. We died some more.) We told her she could keep it because we have several, and then we asked her what her theme song was. (Thus the R. Kelly “Bump N’ Grind” serenade.) And what about that enviable style? “I don’t really follow trends,” she said. “I don’t know what they are. I think people make them up, and then they say, ‘Oh yeah, yellow’s really in this season.’ Sometimes there are obvious trends, but there aren’t any at the moment I can think of. Are there? It’s bullshit. Trends are a lie magazines make up so you feel like you have to buy something.”

Of course, Chung’s taste extends far beyond the fashion realm. As such, we had to ask about her favorite New York spots. “I can’t tell you because I started telling people, and then they all go there and take pictures of me,” she replied coyly. “I’ve ruined a lot of areas in London that way.”

Photo courtesy of Neil Rasmus for Harper’s Bazaar

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