What We Learned From Alexa Chung’s British Vogue Takeover

We’re taking a little break from our regular Fashion Week programming to bring you some pearls of wisdom from Alexa Chung, who’s fake-hijacked Vogue.co.uk for the day to school us all in beauty, fashion, music and her new book It. Read on for everything you need to know about being Alexa Chung, straight from the clotheshorse’s mouth:

1. All you need to overcome writer’s block is some bourbon, cigarettes and sleep.

2. It’s OK if you want to be a writer and don’t have Microsoft Word. Editors will totally accept manuscripts in email form.

3. If you can’t decide if your occupation is author, TV presenter or DJ, just say “model” when you go through customs.

4. To look like Brigitte Bardot, tie black ribbon around your head, wear a fluffy black sweater and liquid liner, and dance around to Serge Gainsbourg.

5. Do not brush your hair.

6. MAC Lady Danger is the best lipstick for swimming under waterfalls.

7. Listen to “This Is A Low” by Blur when you’re homesick for England. And learn how to rap Kanye‘s part in “Clique.”

8. “People who don’t know who The Cure is shouldn’t be allowed out.”

9. Put a cat on your fall shopping list.

10. Buy one pair of jeans to wear nonstop September – June. Turn them into cutoffs once July starts.

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[Vogue UK]

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