So, What Does Alexander Wang Like To Eat For Dinner?

Alexander Wang is a family guy, as evidenced by his affection for his way-too-cute niece Aila. His familial love also extends to the kitchen, which allows us to discuss what exactly Alex likes to eat.

On a weekly basis, Wang does the home-cooked meal thing at his brother’s. So lovely! Asian comfort food is what’s always on the menu: “Its like the one thing that still hasn’t changed since I was little. No matter how busy or how little we see each other, cooking always brings us back memories of growing up.” Friends are also invited to partake in these dinners, and often help the Wang sibs cook. Can we come next week? Explains The Food Life:

Tonight, they have made a few of Alex’s favorite dishes to share with us — diced spicy string beans with minced pork, grilled Chinese sausage with sliced garlic, marinated sticky rice steamed with mushrooms and pork belly, braised beef noodle stew, and last but not least a simple yet time consuming pickled cabbage and radish. When everyone sits down to eat, chopsticks are passed around the table and food is piled into bowls, atop perfectly cooked white rice. There is never a dull moment at the Wang abode as constant conversation and laughter fills the dinner table.

YUM. Also, in case you were interested, Wang is also into ABC Kitchen and Tamarind (us too!), and he digs the sushi at EN. Seriously, we just need to be best friends already.

[The Food Life]

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