5 Ways In Which Vogue UK’s Alexandra Shulman Is Unlike Anna Wintour

One of these things is not like the other.

The Telegraph‘s Sophie de Rossee recently sat down with British Vogue editor in chief Alexandra Shulman to talk about her life, home, and favorite things. While both Wintour and Shulman hail from the UK and are cut from journalistic cloth (Wintour’s father was editor of the Evening Standard and Shulman’s parents were both writers), the similarities seem to stop there.

Here are a few facts we learned about London’s answer to Nuclear Wintour:

1. She takes the subway to work from time to time. Good luck spotting Anna on the Q train (a closed platform, perhaps, but the train? Blasphemy.)

I either go to work on the Tube or in my car, depending on what I’m carrying. In the evenings I like to come home, have a bath and then start the evening, whether it’s out for work or seeing friends

2. She runs. In public.

I run in the parks about three times a week. Getting out there is always hateful but listening to music makes it OK. And I like the idea of having been for a run.

3. She hosts Vogue‘s office parties at her house. Wintour handed over that particular responsibility to the Boom Boom Room this past year.

When I bought the house I wanted somewhere we could have parties. We’ve got lots of friends and David is incredibly gregarious. For the last few years I’ve had my office Christmas party here. We had my mum’s 80th, a birthday party for David, endless birthday parties for me. As far as I’m concerned every birthday is a special birthday.

4. She never had lofty ambitions. Anna? Yeah, right.

As a child I didn’t have any career ambitions. In fact I really didn’t have any ambition ever. People don’t believe me but it’s true.

5. She wrote a novel! We now eagerly await the day when Anna comes out with a work of fiction….or poetry maybe? Haikus! She strikes us as a haiku kinda gal.


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