Allison Williams Reveals Her ‘Guiltiest Pleasure’

It’s doubtful that any member of the cast of Girls has time to take a breath right now, with the much-anticipated second season premiering in just over a week, and a slew of appearances and junkets to accompany it. So Allison Williams copping to being a voracious TV junkie comes as something of a surprise. In an interview with Time’s Dan Macsai, the 24-year-old actress confessed her obsession, and attempted to quantify her consumption:

“Oh my gosh, I did an interview once where I wrote down every single show I watch, and there are, I believe, around 50 of them. Luckily they’re not all on the air at the same time… I watch everything. Really. Honestly. If you just picked a show and guessed, I probably watch it.”

Williams cited ABC’s Bachelor Pad as her “guiltiest pleasure,” and noted, “Even my most devoted Bachelor fan friends are like, ‘I gotta bow out for this one.’ But I always stick through it.”

It’s tough to imagine her Girls counterpart, the enduringly uptight Marni, on the couch in the midst of a reality TV binge, but we’re happy that Williams has a way to unwind (…and, uh, not unsympathetic to her addiction).


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