All-Female Hasidic Alt-Rock Band to Play Ladies-Only Show Tonight in NYC


Ladies, cast your man-repellant outfits aside; where we’re going, you won’t need high-waisted shorts. If you’re gently PMSing, going through a breakup, or are otherwise itching to hear some moody, throaty, piano-heavy alt-rock, head to Arlene’s Grocery on the Lower East Side tonight. The 110-person venue will be hosting an all-female Hasidic band called Bulletproof Stockings (a wink to that industrial-grade opaque hosiery Hasidic women wear), who, due to their strict Orthodox modesty requirements, aren’t allowed to sing before men.

So, they’ve successfully convinced the venue — with the help of legitimately solid music and a promise they’d pack the place — to close the doors to men tonight and secure an all-female audience. Male employees will continue to work as usual, since they’re in attendance in an employment capacity. Oxygen camera crews will also be on hand shooting the gig for an upcoming episode of the docu-series Living Different.

Besides obeying the codes of conduct dictated by their religion, the members of Bulletproof Stockings are also committed to creating safe lady spaces:

“We specifically want to create a space that’s just for women…When there aren’t men there, whether or not people want to admit that there’s tension there or not, there always is.”

“And to have it in a space where women are not putting themselves in a position where they have to be seen in a certain way or objectified in a certain way, it just takes away a lot of the distracting sexual tension and just keeps it pure and strong.”

You can check out a video of the band below.

[New York Post h/t Gawker]

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