ALT Predicts The Style Of Our First Lesbian President

Whether or not we’re “ready” for an openly gay president is up for debate, and it’s a debate that New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd was only too glad to host over the weekend. In her column “A Gay Commander in Chief: Ready or Not?” Dowd talks to everyone from members of Congress to city-level officials and lobbyists about the political logistics of a same-sex-loving head of state. And then she called on Andre Leon Talley to weigh in because, you know, why wouldn’t she?

And it turns out that Talley is better qualified to make sound political judgments than you’d think a fashion expert would be — right before he chimes in with his prediction of a lesbian president, Fred Sainz of the Human Rights Campaign suggests, based on a decade of analyzing polling data, that a gay gal would have a better go of running for office than a gay guy.

André Leon Talley, the Vogue visionary, pictures a lesbian president who looks like Julie Andrews and dresses to meet heads of state in “ankle-length skirts, grazing the Manolo Blahnik kitten heels.” She would save her “butch trouser suit for weekends at Camp David and vacation hikes in Yellowstone. No plaid lumberjack shirts at any time.”

One thing we know for sure? Gay or straight, man or woman, black, white or green — we never want to see our president in lumberjack plaid.

A Gay Commander in Chief: Ready or Not? [The New York Times]

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