PHOTOS: We Get It, Jake Gyllenhaal’s Girlfriend Is Ridiculously Hot

It’s simply no coincidence that just a mere day after it became apparent that Sports Illustrated model Alyssa Miller was in the gym date phase with Jake Gyllenhaal, IMG announces that they are signing the 24-year-old L.A. native. And while we’re sure they’ve had their eye on her even since she began dating the Hollywood stud, it was truly the perfect time to pull the trigger.

This isn’t to say that Miller owes this triumph simply to being Gyllenhaal’s latest PYT. In fact, after digging into the archives, we’re wondering why it took so long for the titan agency to catch on. From her Stella McCartney campaign in 2005 to her scorching GQ covers, she’s got the kind of wide-ranging appeal that other models would kill for. But what’s best about Miller? She keeps it real, and apparently so does Sports Illustrated

In a behind-the-scenes SI video she explained:

“Most swimsuit models might starve themselves the day before a huge swimsuit shoot, but no–that’s not how I roll, that’s not how SI rolls–we’re going to McDonald’s.”

And with that she’s officially invited in joining Chrissy Teigen in our supermodels after our own heart club. To help you become more familiar with Miller, we’ve rounded up 13 of her steamiest campaign images, and while that’s probably the last thing you need amidst a heat wave, we have a feeling you won’t regret having a look.

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