PHOTOS: Now Amanda Bynes Is Tweeting Creepy Fan Art

How come we can’t quit you, Amanda Bynes? Your weird, wild behavior is like a slow-moving train wreck from which we can’t look away. Here’s the short and sweet summation:

On Tuesday, Bynes uploaded a video with the caption “I’m Sucking On A Sour Patch Kid Listening To Music Getting Ready For Tonight :D” which was basically a one-woman twerk-fest that was almost as enthralling as a certain unicorn onesie twerk vid from last month.

Last week, we reported that Bynes had been kicked out of an adult gymnastics class for making other students uncomfortable — an event that culminated in Amanda bawling after a cartwheel sent her wig flying. Mere days before that incident, she tried to pull a salon-version of the ‘dine and ditch’ when she bolted after her credit card was declined. Then there was that thing back in September, when she locked herself in a cupcake shop bathroom for half an hour.

The latest edition to the Amanda Bynes Hall of Shame is a veritable gallery worth of fan art which the actress has been retweeting like mad. “Queen Bynes!” blasts one ‘photo’, in which Amanda’s face has been Photoshopped onto a pink Elmo. Another, is a fake wedding photo with Amanda and Drake. Another still features a blurry President Obama ‘admiring’ an Amanda Bynes selfie.

She’s been retweeting the strange fan love all day, which can only mean she’s started to embrace people using her likeness rather than, ahem, threatening to sue. Check out the good, the bad, and the creepy, in the gallery below. And keep up (down?) with the shame-spiral here and here.

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