WATCH: The Bizarre Saga Of Amanda Bynes Got Even Weirder Last Night

Sour Patch Kids, dance music, and a night of “twerking out” on the town don’t exactly sound like the worst things in the world, but in the Twitter-happy hands of Amanda Bynes, we’re not so sure they make for the best combination. By the looks of the video the 27-year-old posted last night, she should probably be skipping the clubs altogether.

After months of reports detailing erratic behavior culminated in news last week that Bynes had gotten kicked out of a gymnastics class for muttering to herself, crying, and disturbing other gym-goers, the actress has again been taking to her Twitter handle to tweet at Drake (“Eyes For Days”), call Perez Hilton the “scum of the earth”, and share photos of herself in her child star days. These last tweets, while adorable, are a sad reminder of the fact that her appearance has gone from cherubic to Jersey Shore-plus-cheek-piercings in just over a year.

And it gets worse. Last night, she uploaded a video with the caption “I’m Sucking On A Sour Patch Kid Listening To Music Getting Ready For Tonight :D” set to the techno song “I See Right Through to You” by DJ Encore. It shows Bynes puckering her lips and jerking her head around in her bathroom mirror — although we’re mostly focusing on those eyebrows:


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