WATCH: Amanda Seyfried Loves Whiskey, Michael Kors

In case you haven’t noticed, the Les Misérables publicity machine is in high gear this week, and the stars are capping off their jam-packed days with appearances on the late night circuit.

Amanda Seyfried visited The Late Show With David Letterman last night, giving a nod to her Alexander McQueen premiere gown in a mod minidress with gilded detailing from Michael Kors‘ Resort 2013 collection.

The actress may have looked every bit the golden girl, but teetotaler she is not. Seyfried confessed to Letterman that, “Yeah, I’m pretty drunk,” having knocked back a few whiskeys before the segment for “liquid courage.” Which must be a nice change after months of her strict Les Mis regimen:

“You basically have to live like a monk. You don’t drink alcohol because it dehydrates you, you drown yourself in water, you always have to pee. You go home at night and you sit and wait until the next day because you don’t want to get sick, because if you get sick filming basically has to come to a halt.”

At least that sounds slightly better than Anne Hathaway‘s oatmeal paste diet.

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