Amanda Seyfried Is ‘Pale As Milk Chocolate’ In Vanity Fair

It wouldn’t be fair for Anne Hathaway to get all of the glossy lovin’ this winter, so while she covers Vogue, her equally gorgeous Les Misérables co-star Amanda Seyfried is Vanity Fair UK‘s December star, donning couture creations from the likes of Chanel, Valentino, and Christian Dior.

Seyfried luckily doesn’t have the same starvation diet horror stories that Hathaway proffered in her interview, nor does she have any top secret wedding photos to offer. She does, however, inspire some curious similes from writer Steve King:

She is curled up like a kitten in a big chair at the London hotel Claridge’s, wearing a baggy jumper, leggings, and no makeup, pale as milk chocolate and slight as a blade of grass, hair cascading halfway to the floor.

At first we thought “milk chocolate” might just be the quirky British way of saying “white chocolate”, but nope. Doesn’t appear to be.

Check out some of the gorgeous photos from the spread below. And, of course, feel free to indulge in the chocolate of your choosing while doing so:

[Vanity Fair]

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