Amar’e Stoudemire Likes It When Anna Wintour Wears His Jersey

Orchestrated chaos seems to be the name of the game during Fashion’s Night Out, and Macy’s was no exception. We stopped by the New York landmark early in the evening to chat with Rachel Roy and Amar’e Stoudemire about their collaboration for RACHEL Rachel Roy amongst a crazy crowd.

Needless to say, this was exciting! Rachel is one of our all-time girl crushes, and we totally dig Amar’e (plus the SportsGrid boys were totally jealous). Plus, who better to talk to about the Week of Fashion than a top designer and a pro show goer? Rachel is one of the wisest women in the game, and she had some excellent advice about how to survive the week’s craziness:

“Balance. Enjoy what you do, or don’t do it. I mean, this is Fashion Week, and it can be a lot and it can be hectic. But how amazing for us to be a part of it! How many little girls or little boys dream of being at Fashion Week? I think a lot of times we live in the future or the past, and we forget to be present, and I so love what I do that I’m very appreciative of it.”

Yes, gracious is a word we would use to describe her. We also totally agree with her thoughts on trends:

“I am a believer in individuality, so I won’t say no to anything. What I will say no to is something that is unclassy, something that is uncouth, something that is distasteful — but it’s all subjective. If I put a rule or a label on it, maybe someone out there would have thought of a classy, intelligent, smart, sophisticated, sensual way to wear something. I hate rules.”

Rules are seriously the worst! When it came to linking up with Amar’e, Rachel was drawn to his ability to be both a leader and a team player. Plus, his love of fashion didn’t hurt either. The basketball superstar is the fourth person the designer has collaborated with: “I choose artists based on people that excel in fields that I don’t know anything about because I need to be learning, I need to be involved, I need to evolve as a person.”

Amar’e was just as thrilled to be working with Rachel. The line is all about courtside style, so of course we had to ask about what his friend Anna Wintour wears on game night:

“Aw, she’s great. As long as she has a Stoudemire jersey on, we’re good to go.”

We’ve never seen her in a jersey (BUT OMG SEND PICS IF YOU HAVE THEM) — she prefers Prada banana skirts with her floor seats. And speaking of, what has Amar’e been up to during the lockout?

“I’ve just been traveling, studying, training. The three T’s.”

Oh, man. Well, studying has a T in it…?

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