Amazon Eve: World’s Tallest Model Wrestles Men For Money

Meet Amazon Eve. the California-born model who, at 6-foot-9, towers above her competition and has one of the most refreshingly healthy body images we’ve seen in a while.

Eve, who also goes by Erika Ervin, made a name for herself after she appeared in Australia’s Zoo magazine in November 2009. According to the The Telegraph, Eve is interested in breaking into the film industry — despite the fact that producers have a tendency to type-cast her as a monster or alien. “[But] I’d be a great movie villain – the bad girl,” she told the paper. “I could do a role like Jaws in one of the old James Bond films.”

But it’s Eve’s attitude that actually makes her awesome. While we’re sure growing up over a foot taller than what is already considered a “tall” female wasn’t easy, Eve doesn’t seem too insecure about it. She told the Telegraph, “I make everybody look short, but when I’m alone, I look like a regular girl. I’m proportionate. It’s only when I stand next to somebody that it looks unusual.”

In the meantime, Eve has found herself a second money making past-time: wrestling men for money, for which she gets paid about $400 an hour.

“My fans love me to pick them up and carry them. It’s a form of domination because I am actually physically bigger than my fans. My standard clients are 5’8″ or shorter, professional and are well educated. It’s more popular in Asia and Europe as in the US it’s kind of frowned upon. It’s a bit of a stigma of shame, for the men not to always be stronger, superior, taller than a woman.”

Love that attitude!

Here’s a video of Eve in action:

Ken Hoffman vs Amazon Eve from Chance McClain on Vimeo.

Earlier this year, Access Hollywood caught up with Eve, who at the time hinted that a reality show might be in the works:

[via HuffPost, Gawker, The Telegraph, and AmazonEve3.]

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