WATCH: Dope Little Kids Breakdance For American Apparel

As uncomfortable as it makes us to know that someone allowed Dov Charney near their children, we are pretty happy about this new American Apparel commercial, in which world renowned break dancers Jalen Testerman (10) and Angelo Baligad (9) treat breakdancing like it’s a walk in the park.

Actually, while Testerman sits in a chair, it’s Baligad’s headspin that carries most of the commercial. The two do some sort of face off, Testerman kisses his non-existent biceps (again, he is but a lad of 10), then Baligad does a dizzying number of spins to Claude Debussy‘s Clare de Lune. Fancy.

Does watching it make you forget that this company is run by the skeeziest skeezeball who ever skeezed? No, it does not. But it’s still pretty entertaining. Watch:

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