PHOTOS: American Apparel’s New Boob-Filled Jeans Ads (NSFW)

You know what’s not a secret? American Apparel is in serious financial trouble. You know what else is not a secret? Sex sells! Or at least it’s supposed to. Which is why for the past decade or so American Apparel has resorted to hiring nude models in its advertising. The latest ads, for the company’s new line of women’s jeans, are just as porny as the rest of them, but they leave us questioning whether or not the strategy is actually going to work.

But Dov Charney probably has full faith and confidence in the photos, which feature a blonde lady named Candice rolling around topless on a lovely kilim rug in the brand’s new jeans. The jeans themselves, of course, are the secondary focus of the ad, right after her breasts. But if other breasts (and sex dolls, and porny drawings, and butt cracks) haven’t worked for the company before, will Candice’s do the trick? You decide.


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