American Apparel Offers To Manufacture Olympic Uniforms For Ralph Lauren

Just when we thought the whole brouhaha over Ralph Lauren and the U.S. Olympic Team‘s Opening Ceremony uniforms was over… there is more to be said. And it involves — who else? — Dov Charney.

According to the New York Post, the Russian Olympic team reached out to American Apparel about manufacturing its uniforms for the 2014 games. The two have been working on a uniform deal since 2011:

“[Russian Olympic team representatives] said they didn’t want anything that was made in China. It’s not just for the uniforms — it’s also the merchandise.”

The article also points out that the U.S. Olympic Committee, a privately owned organization, never reached out to American Apparel or CEO Dov Charney about manufacturing the U.S. team’s uniforms. That might’ve prompted him to talk smack about the declining US textile industry:

“The banking oligarchy wrote off a US textile industry that was ailing in the late 1990s. Now, the industry is completely disposed to importing — they don’t know any other way.”

But if the company were asked to produce all of the ceremony’s uniforms, a rep tells Fashionista that they could have them next week in London:

“The American Apparel factory makes more than 50 million garments a year and that isn’t all for our stores. A huge part of the company’s business is wholesale and private label–we can basically make anything for anyone. Our prices are completely competitive, especially when you factor in the quality control and speed to market. American Apparel could start working on uniforms today and have them in London within 7 days. That’s what vertical integration is about.”

[NY Post via Fashionista]

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