This America’s Next Top Model Ad Is Full Of Photoshop & Styling Fails

The ad for America’s Next Top Model: College Edition is out, and it’s pretty bad. In fact, it features three major FAILS.

In the image (pictured below), the contestants are wearing what look like weird Catholic school girl outfits you see in porn films (fail #1). They’re standing around in front of what is supposed to be a university building with Chewbacca Tyra, who recently survived a vicious attack at the hands of her crimper and is wearing really furry shoes (fail #2). We’re not fans of this ad mostly because of the aforementioned styling choices (errors?), but we’re also not on board with the poor Photoshopping (fail #3).

There are no, shall we say, anatomical discrepancies like missing limbs or elongated torsos, but there are definitely some weird kneecaps. It’s also so painfully obvious that there is not one part of this image that was shot at the same time as the others. Composite images aren’t uncommon, but when you look at this ad, you’re supposed to be able to believe that all the objects in the photo were originally in the same frame. But that’s definitely not the case here.

The entire ad looks strangely two-dimensional, the angles of the shadows are all over the place, and we highly doubt that the fourth and fifth girl from the left were linking arms in their original photos. If you can look at this pic and say that all the girls were photographed at the same time, then we applaud you because you have a much more powerful imagination than we do.

I also personally do not appreciate the image of college girls hanging out in crop tops and 3-inch strips of fabric that are supposed to pass for skirts, but that’s another story.

Take a look yourself — you can see an even bigger version here. Then point out any more Photoshop blunders you spot (we’re sure there are many) in the comments section.

[The Cut]

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