Harvey Weinstein & Ryan Gosling Kissed For Charity & More amfAR Gossip

Ever wonder how absurdly wealthy folks blow off steam in the French Riviera? Well, it turns out it’s by throwing around hundreds of thousands of dollars to get unlikely couples to make out with one another. That is, when they’re not using lunging as a mating technique.

According to WWD, movie mogul and amfAR chairman Harvey Weinstein addressed the crowd at last night’s amfAR Cinema Against AIDS gala, sharing a few choice moments from auctions past. On one occasion, “two very generous boyfriends paid $350,000 each to have George Clooney make out with their girlfriends,” which seems like a risky move if we’ve ever heard one.

More outlandish still was the time Weinstein lived the dream of, erm, anyone who’s ever seen The Notebook. As he recounted, “we raised $30,000 for me to kiss Ryan Gosling, and frankly Ryan, I’ve had better.”

To be fair, we don’t think Gosling has quite the upper body strength to recreate his “Big Move” with Harvey, so he really only got half the package. Maybe next year someone will pony up half a million for that trick!

See photos from the salacious lots below, and watch the video for some red carpet action:


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