Amy Winehouse’s Dress Auctioned Off For $67,000

Amy Winhouse‘s place in fashion history has been secured! A Chilean fashion museum shelled out tens of thousands of dollars for the dress the late singer wore on the cover of her hit 2006 Back to Black.

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If you want to see the pink polka dot dress in person, you’ll have to travel to the Musea de la Moda in Santiago, Chile — but you can always do a quick Google image search and see it online instead. The strapless dress is the work of the British brand Disaya. Just like the clothes it designs today, the dress is ladylike and pretty constructed — look close enough and you can even see the boning that holds the bustline together and aloft.

Proceeds from the auction, which totaled $67,120, will go to a foundation Winehouse’s father Mitch started shortly after her death, with the goal of benefitting “vulnerable youth.” Is there a better use for a four-year-old dress? We think not.

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Dan Abrams, Founder