An Inside Look At Obama’s Dinner With Anna Wintour

Details are finally coming out about what went on inside Anna Wintour‘s multi-million dollar townhouse the night President Obama came to call on Wednesday night. While WWD has the outline of a guestlist, the New York Post had another juicy tidbit.

First up, the guestlist. We already knew Calvin Klein, Andre Leon Talley, Donna Karan, Vera Wang, and Diane von Furstenberg made the cut, but now we’ve got a few more to add to the 50 or so long list.

Tory Burch, Harvey Weinstein, Georgina Chapman, Patrick Robinson, and Andrew Rosen were all spotted leaving the Wintour abode after dinner. And some of them even spoke!

WWD reports:

…[The]… guests seemed to have sworn some sort of blood oath not to discuss the evening, even once it was over. Maybe they feared the wrath of their hostess (no covers, no Costume Institute invitations, no future mingling with the President).

“It was great,” said Tory Burch on the street after dinner.

“It was fantastic,” offered Andrew Rosen.

“I love Obama,” said Harvey Weinstein as he made his way up the street with Georgina Chapman.

Patrick Robinson seemed a bit more eager to talk at first, but had second thoughts at the behest of wife, and Vogue staffer, Virginia Smith. “It was amazing,” a smiling Robinson settled on as he turned to join Smith in their walk across Houston Street.

As for Obama, all signs point to the President having a rollicking good time, as he left the party a solid half an hour later than he was supposed to. But one New York Post insight had us feeling a little sad for him – apparently, he ate alone.


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