And The Winner Of Project Runway Season 10 Is…

It’s hard to believe that the final four designers were able to pull it together in time for Fashion Week, given that the judges didn’t seem especially happy with anyone’s collection. But pull it together they did, at least after freaking out for a few days and no shortage of retooling.

Tim Gunn gave the designers $300 and some more time at Mood, a godsend if the designers knew exactly what to change but not much of a confidence booster and/or good way to focus if they were feeling adrift. Melissa Fleis in particular seemed to lack confidence, although she did try to pick out some colored fabric in order to make her collection less black and white, resulting in a shade of red that she called “blood orange” and that Christopher Palu called “pretentious.”

Even though this final four made it through their season with very little drama (the whole “Silk Chiffonzies” thing aside), the pressure of Fashion Week seemed to get to them and made everyone a lot less charitable toward their fellow contestants, and harsher judges of their collections. Christopher was particularly mean to his fellow designers, and I’m sure that the producers steered them to criticize one another but it would be nice if they could do it without making themselves look terrible in the process.

On runway day, the guest judge was Jennifer Hudson, which seemed like a bit of an odd choice, but why not? After the fashion show, the final four appeared in front of the judges to begin the culling of the contestants and the crowning of a winner. First out was Christopher, which was actually very surprising, given that he won so many challenges during the season. Next out was Melissa, leaving Fabio Costa and Dmitry Molokhov as the final two. The nicest contestant and my secret favorite contestant in the top two! I was so proud.

Ultimately, the judges gave Dmitry the win, and he was emotionally congratulated by Tim Gunn. Maybe it’s because everyone this season was so competent, or that Dmitry was so even-keeled for the most part, but it felt like a bit of an anticlimax. Dmitry was certainly happy though, and it was definitely a case of “slow and steady” over “flashy and risky” winning the race. You can see some of Dmitry’s winning looks below, via MyLifetime:

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