Norwegian Terrorist Refuses To Wear Anything But Red Lacoste Sweaters

Anders Behring Breivik, the man responsible for the horrific Norway massacre, is currently holed up in solitary confinement. But he’s not donning an orange jumpsuit (or the Norwegian equivalent); he refuses to wear anything but a red Lacoste sweater.

Not only does Breivik wear the sweater to court appearances and trips to the police station, he won’t let his mugshot get taken. (We didn’t know that was a choice?) He believes such a photo would cause significant harm to his meticulously curated persona. Explains the Telegraph:

“A narcissist and a fantasist, Breivik, 32, refuses to have his prison ‘mugshot’ taken to ensure that the carefully stage-managed photographs he took of himself – in full Masonic regalia or clutching his rifle – are not replaced by more humbling images.”

In one of these photos, Breivik actually appears wearing a Lacoste sweater, albeit in navy. In fact, his 1,516-page manifesto mentions Lacoste, as well as his Breitling watch, and his favorite cologne. Breivik also boasts of having had plastic surgery in the States, altering both his nose and chin.

[via Daily Telegraph]

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