Anderson Defends Beyonce: ‘It’s Her World And We’re Just Living In It’

While the debate continues over whether Beyoncé lip-synced her “Star-Spangled Banner” performance at Monday’s inauguration ceremony, Anderson Cooper’s mind is made up. During the RidicuList segment on Tuesday night’s show, Cooper aligned himself firmly with Team B.

“As far as I’m concerned, it is Beyoncé’s world and we are just living in it,” Cooper began, before launching into the following defense of Queen B.

“A spokeswoman for the U.S. Marines band said Beyoncé did not sing it live … but another Marine band spokesperson released a statement later in the day saying no one in the Marine band was ‘in a position to assess whether Beyoncé sang live or not.’

I am releasing a statement right now saying, ‘I just don’t care!'”

“We got to look at Beyoncé’s beautiful face and hear Beyoncé’s beautiful voice. There is only one thing we should be saying today and that is: ‘Thank you, Beyoncé.'”

Preaching to the choir, Coop. But for all you out there who just don’t know what to believe anymore, there’s hope! Video recording of the song seems to indicate that while Beyoncé’s performance did indeed include a pre-recorded track, she also sang over top of it. Check out Cooper’s tirade below and the Wall Street Journal’s recording of the “Star-Spangled Banner” below that. Take a listen and then ask yourself, “What’s the only thing better than Beyoncé singing the national anthem?”

The answer: “Two Beyoncés singing the national anthem.”

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