WATCH: Anderson Cooper And His ‘Scrawny Legs’ Will Never Wear Meggings

Meggings are the zombies of menswear trends. They’re terrifying to look at, they pop up in really random places, and they never die. The term (and the ludicrous idea that they would ever, actually, in real life, become a trend) has been around since at least 2010, when they were seen walking down the Milan Men’s Fashion Week runways. And today they made their inaugural appearance on Anderson Live.

Cooper is righteously dubious, despite the evidence mounted in meggings’ favor by his guests. Let it be known: “Bieber wears them!” is not a selling point.

“That just looks ridiculous to me!”, Anderson argues. “That guy just looks silly.”

Cooper also protests the megging on a more practical note: “I couldn’t pull this off because I have scrawny little chicken legs… I don’t have good legs.”

Don’t worry, Anderson. No one, chicken legs or otherwise, can pull this look off.


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