WATCH: ALT’s Amazing Red Carpet Interview With Melissa McCarthy

It’s a post for another day, but how painfully awkward is it to watch Giuliana Rancic interview celebrities (and fill dead space) for a non-stop period of 120 minutes? So painfully awkward! If you were smart and perhaps watched on mute, you would have missed the fact that she asked several lady celebs (Sofia Vergara! Elizabeth Banks!) to name their least favorite body parts — on live television. She actually did that! Anyway, the good news is that while Elizabeth Banks was discussing her runners’ feet, Vogue ambassador and cape connoisseur Andre Leon Talley was busy chatting up Melissa McCarthy. Thank goodness!

And it went a little something like this:

Talley: What makes a curvaceous lady like you decide to wear navy blue from Badgley Mischka?
McCarthy: I’ve been wanting to wear like, a dark blue, and something a little drapier, and I said ‘What about a little bit of a cowl neck?’ And they said, ‘Why not?’
Talley: You know what’s great about you? Because of your beautiful super-size and voluptuousness, you cover it up and yet you expose a beautiful inner self-esteem, and I love that.
McCarthy: Well, thanks! I love fashion, so it doesn’t stop at ten.
Talley: It doesn’t stop! It doesn’t stop at ten! I’m not exactly a two myself, so it doesn’t stop with us, because we love to eat! Right?
McCarthy: [Shaking her head.] Takin’ a turn somewhere!
Talley: No, I don’t want to take a turn! I really admire you.

Don’t change, ALT. Don’t ever change.


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