Andre Leon Talley Loves His ‘Ali Baba Cave Of Delight’ In The Suburbs

Andre Leon Talley is a man who likes his peace and quiet. Sure, he can get down with the fashion folk at the Met Gala while wearing a big ol’ cape, but he really loves the suburbs.

ALT spoke with the Times about his beloved Westchester, shedding some light on the life of the Vogue editor. We learned so many things! First of all, Talley isn’t into having guests over to his “own personal Ali Baba cave of delight”. But when he does, he serves “a tray of canapés or Planters peanuts, jellied candy from Paris, and a good bottle of Sancerre”. Planters peanuts…! He actually eats most of his meals at City Limits in White Plains, and he enjoys shopping at The Container Store at the Westchester Mall. We are FASCINATED.

Also, this bat-related anecdote gives us the best visual of all time:

“The downside of being around all this nature is that twice I have had a bat fly into my bedroom, having slipped in through the cracks of the screened window. I do not wish this experience on anyone. Nothing is more unpleasant than running screaming down the stairs, lying awake until dawn on the sofa, waiting for pest control to show up, only to hear, ‘Oh, it could be in your blanket or sheets, or behind a mirror.’ (Once, a bat was found snoozing in the bathtub.)”

We like to think he was wearing fancy pajamas (and a cape!) at the time.


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