Barnes & Noble, Borders Censor Andrej Pejic’s Shirtless Dossier Cover

Andrej Pejic is a man. He appears on the cover of the newest issue of Dossier without a shirt on. However, since he’s a pretty man who sometimes gets mistaken for a lady, bookstores are censoring the less-than-risque cover.

The folks over at Elle attended the launch party Dossier‘s 7th issue, and they dug up some ridiculous dirt:

The hot topic of the night was the controversy surrounding the cover, which features the androgynous young Jean Paul Gaultier model Andrej Pejic who appears topless. Turns out newsstands (OK, we’ll name them: Barnes & Noble and Borders) are covering the image for being too risque. Little do they know they’re censoring the image of a shirtless man. Katherine Krause, Dossier‘s Editor-In-Chief, says that both bookstores have been made aware of Pejic’s gender but will move forward with the censoring. What’s more, it’s Dossier‘s financial responsibility to pay for the black poly bags with which their distribution people must cover the magazines.

So, not only is the mag being censored, but they have to pay for said censoring. Oh, and the censors know Andrej is a dude. Need we remind you that a crazily buff (and pretty much shirtless) Aaron Schock graces the cover of June’s Men Health? If Andrej were muscled instead of waif-like, would this be an issue? More importantly, if Andrej had a more masculine face, would this be an issue?

The last time we heard about some mainstream magazine censorship, Harps Supermarket put a “family shield” over Elton John‘s Us Weekly cover. They quickly removed the shield, which reportedly only appeared in one of the chain’s 65 locations. This is a whole other level, however. From what we understand, all Borders and Barnes & Noble stores will be outfitting Dossier with black bags.

Check out the cover below. Do you think the retailers are justified?


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