Andrej Pejic Would Prefer That You Not Compare Him To Lea T.

Just because male model Andrej Pejic has made a career out of leaving his “gender open to artistic interpretation” doesn’t mean he’s comfortable being put in the same category as transgendered people — especially the superstar Brazilian model Lea T.

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Pejic told Vogue UK that while he appreciate’s Lea T.’s work — and what she’s doing to change the perception of gender — he doesn’t really see himself as being on the same kind of gender-bending crusade. Mostly, he’s just being himself, and using his own gender fluidity to get as much work as possible — and to establish himself as an industry staple, not an industry fad.

“Lea has been extremely brave in being very honest about her journey – but I don’t really see myself as being here to challenge transgender stereotypes. I’m just myself. It’s taken a while to be taken seriously, but I hope to prove that I’m very versatile and that I’ll still be here after the phenomenon has passed.”

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And he is versatile — he’s just as good on men’s runways as he is in women’s couture shows, and we hope he gets opportunities to flex more of those muscles (figuratively speaking) in the future.

[Vogue UK]

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