Andrej Pejic Offered Lead In Movie About Androgynous European Youth

Andrej Pejic is a superstar, and as evidence of that we offer you the news that French director Florence Dewavrin has asked him to play the title role in her adaptation of Seraphita.

Frockwriter reports that Pejic, everyone’s favorite androgynous male model, has met with Dewarvin about the title role in the movie, which is based on the 1834 Honore de Balzac book of the same name. Seraphita tells the story of a perfectly androgynous being who exists somewhere above being male and female. Both a man and a woman fall in love with Seraphita (the man calls the character Seraphita and the woman uses Seraphitus), but because Seraphita has basically transcended gender, he (or she?) becomes the perfect vision of what his (again, or her) lovers want to see.

Pejic has a similar quality — he can just as easily sell couture wedding dresses to women as he can outerwear to guys. (And he makes such a convincing woman that his male model colleagues tend to get a little handsy with him backstage at fashion shows.)

“He’s a phenomenon, that’s for sure – and he’s unique, there is only one” says [Pejic's agent Arnaud Vanbleus]. “Everyone wants to have him. But the thing usually is, they either don’t have the budget or we’re not interested in the project”.

Here’s hoping that Pejic doesn’t lose interest in this one. Because how awesome would this movie be?


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