Andrej Pejic Gets Pinched By Other Male Models

As it turns out, everyone’s favorite gender-bending male model Andrej Pejic is so convincing as a woman that his male colleagues can’t keep their hands off him.

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Pejic, who has appeared in both men’s and women’s fashion shows and editorials since he was discovered last year, told OUT magazine that being so androgynous means he has to “work twice as hard to be taken seriously.” And it also means that he’s not a full member of the broish boy’s club that is the male modeling industry. Quoth Pejic:

“Most male models have girlfriends, but backstage, when no one is looking, they like to pinch me.”

That’s some 60s-era sexist mess right there. But maybe it’s OK because he’s a boy? Probably not. We don’t know. Whatever the case, Pejic doesn’t seem too bothered by it — his prowess has earned him a lot of accolades, including a spot on this year’s OUT 100. Check out the rest of the list of influential gay men and lesbians (in and out of the fashion industry, thank you very much) here.


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