PHOTOS: What Is A Male Model Doing In A Push-Up Bra Ad?

You know how we love a little androgyny in our fashion advertising, but we don’t know what to think when a lingerie company uses a male model to advertise its push up bras — even if that male model is one of the most beautifully androgynous people on the planet.

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On the one hand, Andrej Pejic, the gender-bending model who has walked and posed as a boy and as a girl since he was discovered last year, is absolutely gorgeous. On the other hand, he’s pretty flat-chested, given that he is a boy. We know there’s very little truth in fashion advertising, but for the Dutch chain store Hema to hawk a “mega push-up bra” on a body that doesn’t have anything to push up to begin with strikes us as more than just a little disingenuous. It’s almost like the company hired him specifically to say to its customers, “This product will make your bazumbas look so good, they’ll almost look fake.” Or something.

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But that doesn’t mean the ad is not pretty — and it certainly doesn’t mean Pejic doesn’t look amazing in the ad. We appreciate the edge, but we have to wonder if not really demonstrating what the product can do will hurt or help sales.

Take a look at the ads below and tell us what you think.


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