WATCH: Andrej Pejic Visits His Hometown, Confusion Ensues

Because there’s nothing more gratifying than watching townies scratch their heads about things they don’t understand, please find below a video of the reactions of the good folks of his hometown in Serbia commenting on how they react to their neighbor and model Andrej Pejic.

Pejic, the most androgynous-looking male model the fashion industry has ever encountered, was born in this small town in 1991. At some point while he was taking a break from walking in shows for Jean Paul Gaultier and getting photographed for Marc Jacobs ad campaigns, Pejic went back there to visit his grandmother, and a local news operation took the opportunity to ask the question, What is his deal?

Turns out the good people of his hometown in Serbia aren’t as big fans of Pejic’s as we are. One couldn’t tell if he was a man or a woman, another says he was a great kid until he was about 5 or 6 years old. “Then,” he says, “he went with his mother to Australia and something happened there.”

Hold on, just a sec — we’re making a note to ourselves never to take our future children to Australia. Lest the strange infects them while we’re there.

Pejic, 19, takes everything with a healthy grain of salt — and doesn’t give an answer to the question the reporter poses about his sexuality. “A comment is not relevant,” he says. And you know what? He’s absolutely right.


Fantastic Serbian Model Is Misunderstood, Mocked At Home [Jezebel]

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