Andrej Pejic Thinks Modeling Is Better Than Working At KFC

Andrej Pejic is certainly one of our favorite obsessions. He’s beautiful and fascinating, and we just found out he’s also the possessor of a super cool attitude. We have all sorts of little gems and bon mots for you, courtesy of an Australian TV segment and an interview with Zeit Magazin (to accompany all those pretty pictures!).

How do we know he’s got a cool ‘tude? Because this is how he cheekily described his career to Sunday Night: “I think in times of recession and economic collapse…I don’t think most clients have much money to hire both men and women. So, I’m really a good deal — two for one.” See, cool ‘tude! Even after being discovered while working at a fruit market in Melbourne, he didn’t take the whole modeling thing too seriously: “At the time I was looking for a part time job, and I thought that was going to be better than KFC.”

His interview with Zeit was similarly illuminating (albeit a bit harder to decipher — thanks Google Translate!).

Sometimes I feel more like a male and sometimes more like a female. Certainly many now find me more feminine, but I’m both. And right now I feel very comfortable with it. I know what expectations are placed on me. As a woman, I am sensual and sexy. As a man, I’m more simple. I wear women’s and men’s clothing. But as a woman, the look is much better. Good men’s clothing is very expensive.

As for makeup, Andrej isn’t that into it: “I am not a drag queen, I will not turn into someone else. I want to stay natural.” Andrej also says he know what sex he would choose if he was forced to, but he’s keeping it a secret for now. The rest of the interview can be found here, and you can watch his television appearance below. And! If you still need more Andrej in your life, you can always read his recent profile in the Daily Telegraph.

[via ONTD]

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