$5000 Bag Puts Angelina Jolie In A Hairy Situation

We’ve got to believe it’s not easy being Angie Jolie. Of course, you get to roll over and look at Brad Pitt every morning, but who has time for that when there’s all of humanity to save?

We’re not just talking ridiculously adorable orphans here. It seems Ms. Jolie is also a friend to animals — killing her pets thing, so you better believe the sainted starlet wouldn’t be caught dead toting, say, the brand new Akiris bag. You know, the one that costs $5000 and is made entirely out of ecru horse hair?

Oh wait, yes she would!

But fret not, P.E.T.A.-philes, no need to book it to Home Depot to ready the red paint. It turns out that Jolie had her stylist call the designer, Albert Kriemler, to ask how her new diaper bag was made. “We told her horses get haircuts just like we do,” Kriemler said of the bag.

PR crisis averted!


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