Is This Animal Headwear Trend Getting Out of Hand?

So it turns out Rita Ora isn’t the new face of Chanel. The singer’s Midnight in Paris moment with Karl Lagerfeld was instead a shoot for the cover of French magazine Liberation, on which she wears a jacket, a big smile and a ginormous antler ear mask.

The mask is made by wearable 3D designer Erik Halley, whose other memorable headwear creations include a lobster hat for Isabella Blow, a ‘Shoenicorn’ shoe hat tribute to Schiaparelli and a hat adorned with severed dolls heads. But while these are all beautiful hats for couture spreads and fashion eccentrics, we are concerned that the animal headwear trend is getting out of hand. Searching for normal beanies or headbands at Topshop or Forever 21 is a recommended activity for those who don’t believe the trend is more alive than ever, as is looking to the recent red carpets.

What began as a quirky accessory from Parisian couture millinery brand Maison Michel (owned by Chanel, hence the 2009 campaign starring a mousified Heidi Mount) blossomed into a fully-fledged fashion obsession when Lady Gaga and the Olsen twins picked up a pair shortly afterward. Lily Allen also wore a pair in a NSFW spread for iD magazine. And let’s not forget Madonna’s silky Marc Jacobs pair at the 2009 Met Gala, but doesn’t stop there. Things got serious at Comme Des Garçons‘ Fall 2013 show (perhaps Kawakubo sounding off on the trend with her signature impenetrable humor) with even Victoria Beckham upgrading to plus-sized ears — though compared to Ora’s, they’re elementary.

We’re unsure whether we’ll be walking down Broadway in giant taxidermy antlers this coming season. Though perhaps, three years after Topshop tried to woo us with those $160 leather antlers, the time for truly obnoxious animal-themed headwear is finally here. If that’s the case, we know just the shoes to pair them with.

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