Why are Fashion People Instagramming So Many Animals?

Is it just us or has Instagram suddenly gotten 2,348,978 times furrier?

We’re not referring to the eyebrows at Céline, but the loads of animals stuffed and animate the fashion people we follow have been snapping lately. Sure, our weekend schedule always includes at least one hour of cooing over recently born, dangerously fluffy masses, but what does it mean when Edward Enninful does it too? Is Rodarte throwing us a subliminal bone that plush, culinarily inclined rodents are the new, new Karl doll? Have cats overtaken canines as fashion’s choice mascot? Why don’t we have an office pet?

Maybe we should just chalk it up to Fashion Month fatigue and the wholly plausible explanation that no one can resist a puppy. But where’s the fun in being sensible? Come speculate with us — we eagerly await your conspiracy theories.

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Dan Abrams, Founder