Fashion Brands Like Ann Taylor Are Not Happy With Tumblr Right Now

There’s no shortage of people who love fashion on Tumblr, and because of that fashion brands have been a lot quicker to hop on that bandwagon than they were with other social networking tools. But some people who work in fashion are mad as hell that the blogging platform hasn’t created a way to measure how much of an impact they’re having on their customers. Case in point: Julie Friedrickson, the Digital and Social Media manager at Ann Taylor, the first fashion company ever to start a Tumblr.

Friedrickson took to her personal Tumblr to air her grievances against the young company and it’s very young corporate leadership for not using the gobs and gobs of money Ann Taylor and other brands have invested to make Tumbling more useful. Specifically, Fredrickson — and others — are upset that they don’t have a way to measure analytics on Tumblr. And what’s even more frustrating is that they’re more or less begging to pay a fee for a service like that, which would net more money than what a second Tumblr user, Jessica Coghan of Digitalista calls “this flash in the pan fashion week nonsense.” Coghan works at Starworks Group, which is responsible for Kate Spade’s Tumblr, among others.

But Friedrickson’s concern is that once Tumblr stops being the apple of many a venture capital firm’s eye, it’s not going to know what to do to make money. And she suggests that Tumblr get its act together before that cash goes away.

Please someone who is a grown up at Tumblr listen to the brands that care about you. It isn’t just Users First, Brands Second. Hell at this point you are Users First, Brands never. Take a cue from Michael Lazerow’s comments on that post and realize that brands pay the bills when VCs stop.

Rich Tong-if you don’t actively pursue these options you are not doing your job. You know that Ann Taylor loves Tumblr, you know that we invest money, and yet you have ignored us. Unless I am mistaken your job is “Fashion Director” so act like it.

Ouch. We mostly use our Tumblr for things like posting pictures of squirrels kissing plastic dinosaurs, but if we were paying for the privilege of doing so, we’d probably want a little something extra in return. And while we don’t know what Tumblr’s next steps will be, we’re looking forward to their next move.

Update: Fredrickson’s post was meant to reflect her personal grievances with Tumblr, and is not an official statement from Ann Taylor.


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