Just So You Know, Anna Dello Russo is the Coolest Aunt Ever

We wouldn’t expect Anna Dello Russo to step out in anything less than OTT, so why shouldn’t her acting-as-auntie style be any less extravagant?

The Vogue Nippon editor and her niece Charlie indeed had (and Instagrammed) an epic Saturday filled with an itinerary of activities far more fashion-y than baking cookies or whatever it is run-of-the-mill aunts do with their siblings’ children. From what we can see, our adopted Tante Anna would take us shopping at Marc Jacobs, graciously thank her blogger friends for gifting us animal-print Supergas and pose for photos with us wearing matching beanies and T-shirts with naked pop stars on the fronts.

She’d also tag us in all her captions to send approximately 154,834 new followers our way. And that’s not even the nicest thing she’d do for us. No — in the ultimate display of affection, she’d ditch the ever-present heels for flats. Flats, we tell you!

Shoes speak louder than words and so do emoji. After some experimentation, we’ve figured out the only character WordPress lets through is the heart one. We get why now.

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