10 Things Anna Dello Russo Could Have Stashed In Her Egg Hat

At last night’s Met Gala, Anna Dello Russo wore Alexander McQueen. And an egg on her head. Call it the Great Egg Conspiracy of 2011 (or don’t), but it got us wondering: what could she possibly be hiding in there? Allow us to wildly speculate!

1. Lady Gaga. Yes, that’s an easy one, but her love for Gags knows no bounds.

2. A baby stegosaurus. The fanciest dinosaur!

3. Fruit. Cherries and/or watermelons.

4. Silly Putty. (Related: what exactly is Silly Putty?)

5. A lamb. Stuffed, not real.

6. Hello Kitty. Come on, she edits Vogue Nippon!

7. Ricotta cheese. Yum?

8. Mini Eggs. Yum!

9. ADR Barbie. This would be meta somehow. We think.

10. Albumen. Like a real egg.

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