Anna Dello Russo Thinks Fashion Is Better Than Nintendo

As dedicated readers of her blog, we know all about Anna Dello Russo‘s curious relationship with the English language. The uber-Italian fashion editor is a Styleite fave, and now she’s the subject of a gushing profile courtesy of the Guardian.

Writer Polly Vernon interviewed ADR, and she really does sum up the fabulous fashionista’s communication skills quite nicely: “Her English is both hilariously flawed and peppered with fantastical metaphors which makes her a touch obscure almost all the time, although even when you have no idea what she’s actually saying, Dello Russo manages to communicate a sense of rollocking enthusiasm.” We agree! We’re annoyed, however, that Vernon repeatedly refers to the Sartorialist as Scott Schulman.

And now let’s take a look at some of our favorite quotes from the interview!

On her fruity headgear:

“Cherry. Cherry, on my ‘ead. This is cherry. I like ‘ead pieces. I love them. I met Sarah Jessica Parker. I love ‘er! I was wearing a watermelon in my hair! She look at me like: ‘Oh! Where she from?’” Brief pause. “I should go to [British milliner] Philip Treacy for a…” She says a word, which I think might be “poppy”, although I’m not completely sure.

On why the internet changed her life:

“At this time, I find a new life. Really. A new life. A new energy! Something happen! Be visible! You know when you feel inside, fresh air, you want to go, you don’t know why. Before this, no visible! Invisible! Like Cinderella, working like a cow!”

On how fashion is better than… Nintendo:

“Fashion, in me, is folie, is sickness! I never bored of fashion. It is my vision for life. Reality for me is too tough. Fashion is an escape. Fashion! Is my addiction! Is better than drugs, or…” she does a little hand mime which I think might be intended to describe a video-game console.

On her labelwhore childhood:

“My father say: ‘What you want for a gift?’ I say: ‘One set of Fendi.’ He say: ‘OK, let’s go to the shop.’ I say: ‘Is not bag, is set. Which means: bag, wallet, scarf, umbrella… All matching.’ My father say: ‘Where you go with this umbrella? Here, is not raining!’ I come from south of Italy. He say: ‘Where you go with this?’ I say: ‘I go to the school!’ He say: ‘With your umbrella?’ I say: ‘Yes! This is part of the look!’”

On dogs and divorce:

“I spend all my life in fashion! I don’t have children. I actually have a dog. And I lost my husband anyway. Because he said: ‘Too much clothes, in your house!’ He said to me: ‘Where is the space for me?’ I said: ‘There is no space for you.’ He says: ‘Where is the space in the closet?’ There is no space in the closet! He says: ‘Are you crazy?’ Then he left. No space for ‘im! My dog, she doesn’t need the space in the closet. She doesn’t like clothes. I tried to put on some clothes, she hates!”

And thus concludeth our giggle-inducing post of the day.

[The Guardian]

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