How To Pack A Suitcase, Courtesy Of Anna Dello Russo

When we realized we were seated directly behind Anna Dello Russo at Calvin Klein’s fall show this afternoon, we nearly had a heart attack. Then, once we calmed down ever so slightly, we tapped her on her very furry shoulder (see below.) and asked her some questions.

Our conversation went a little something like this:

Styleite: We’re wearing matching fur!

ADR: Oh, mamma mia! I love fur.

Styleite: How many times have you changed today?

ADR: So far, two. Three times a day otherwise.

Styleite: Wow! So how many suitcases do you have to pack?

ADR: Three big ones. I am a perfect packer, a perfect organizer. I pack very well. The secret is shoes on the bottom. Heavy things on the bottom, then light things. Like a sandwich! A club sandwich. You know it’s true because you have to put everything heavy, like shoes, bags, like that, on the bottom. Then the light stuff. And then coat, and then finally the dress. And then the fluid in the top. Like a club sandwich! Because otherwise when you open the luggage, it will be completely crushed.

And there you have it. Next time you’re huffing and puffing and sitting on top of your suitcase trying to get it to close, ask yourself, “Did I pack this like a club sandwich?” And if not, unpack it and start again.

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