This Is What Would Have Happened If We Met Anna Dello Russo Last Week

Dreams, we have them. One involves meeting Anna Dello Russo. Last week said dream was all but crushed when we attended the preview of the Macy’s INC collection Anna styled. We (crazily!) assumed we would get to meet ADR IRL. We did not.

Yes, we were duped. ADR was at her Italian villa on vacay, not at an event space in Nolita. We even dressed up just for her! The sting has yet to wear off, so we would like to imagine the interview we would have had with the eccentric editor.

After an awkward fangirl intro, we assume this is how things would have gone down…

Styleite: Why did you decide to work with Macy’s?

ADR: Fashion is always uncomfortable. When you get comfortable, you never get the look. You need a fashion shower. Why? Because I love it.

Styleite: How would you describe the process?

ADR: Like Cinderella, working like a cow!

Styleite: Are you friends with fellow Macy’s collaborator Karl Lagerfeld?

ADR: Everyday you need to try. And then you will smash!

Styleite: What kinds of things would you like to wear on your head besides fruit and eggs?

ADR: Jewels, yes, only very precious and strictly family.

Styleite: And since you’re here, what do you think of New York?

ADR: You must feel the weather every morning. Clothes live in the best context like actresses loving the amazing theater.

The end.

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