Anna Dello Russo Is ‘Miserable’ When She Doesn’t Get Photographed

Street style star Anna Dello Russo is just as weird about getting her picture taken as we are. Who knew?

Here’s what she told the Daily Telegraph:

“In the beginning it was a little embarrassing. But sometimes now I think: ‘Oh, if I do not get photographed I will be miserable’, or ‘Oh my god, the outfit does not work any more.’ In a way, I enjoy that the new generation watches me: it gives me confidence.”

ADR, ever the giver of good quotes, also said this:

“For me fashion is like a boat, you need to be on the sea and feel the wind. The wind can come also from bad conditions. And sometimes a bad show makes you think of something. It is an exercise – you have to be in the middle of the sea to know the wind of fashion.”

Is the wind of fashion like a fashion shower?

[Daily Telegraph]

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