Anna Dello Russo’s Rules For The Royal Wedding

Where can you turn when you have two impossibly fabulous weddings to attend, but you don’t know what to wear to either? Anna Dello Russo, of course. The Vogue Nippon editor at large took to her blog to lay down the law on dressing for a spring wedding, anticipating (and quite correctly) that her site would be the first place people would flock to for advice on how to dress for Kate Middleton and Kate Moss‘s upcoming weddings.

And Dello Russo has rules. Lots of them, all designed to make sure you don’t look like an idiot at the palace. So what did we learn about how a wedding guest should dress? Never wear all white or all black, don’t cover your shoulders, and always wear a hat. Always. (Sidenote: Dello Russo included a picture of her mother’s wedding dress, which we’re totally in love with and posted above.) Our favorite of Dello Russo’s top ten rules, below:

3. Please complete your outfit with HAT. Even if your call relates only the second marriage.

5. So, give breath to the trumpets: It’s all about COLORS!

8. Escape as the death, shops specializing in FORMAL DRESS.

9. JEWELS yes, only very precious and strictly family.

10. Don’t match shoes and CLUTCH, and don’t fill it of sugared almonds when you greetings the MARRIED COUPLE.

Where would we be without Dello Russo? Lost in translation — and in bad taste — no doubt.

10 TOP rules for WEDDING [Anna Dello Russo]

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