PHOTOS: These Seamless, Glue-less Shoes Will Blow Your Mind

Anna Korshun is a Dutch shoe designer, who has worked for Tommy Hilfiger among other brands. Her real passion is sustainability, and unfortunately, shoe making and sustainability don’t tend to go hand in hand: shoes use an insane amount toxic glue. As a response to the state of the shoe industry,  Korshun has taken it upon herself to solve the problem, and to design shoes that use fewer materials and are better for the environment.

By using what Korshun calls a “click technique,” the leather shoes she designs can be manufactured without any glue or seams. If you like non-toxic products that don’t murder Mother Earth, you probably like the concept.

But there’s a surprising twist: Korshun’s shoes are actually really cute. As unsexy as “sustainable footwear” sounds,  the designs make for some great flats and sandals that we would definitely wear.

If you’re feeling these as much as we are, you can buy a few of the styles on

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Dan Abrams, Founder