Why Are We Still Talking About Anna Wintour For Ambassador?

Snark all you want, pundits, but Anna Wintour does not want to be ambassador. To the United Kingdom, to France, or to anywhere else for that matter.

For some reason, Bloomberg News chose this week to unearth what WWD succinctly described as a “practically fossilized rumor” that the Vogue editor is a top candidate for the ambassadorship to one of the two aforementioned countries.

A spokesperson for Wintour insisted she is not interested in a diplomatic post: “She’s very happy with her current job.” And yet! Fox News ran an entire segment on Tuesday of host Megyn Kelly ridiculing the idea of the appointment, backing up her jeers with clips from the fictional movie Devil Wears Prada, in which Meryl Streep is understood to play a caricatural version of the imposing editor.

Meanwhile, yesterday, ABC’s Jake Tapper asked White House Press Secretary Jay Carney a series of questions hinting at the rumors of Wintour’s candidacy (“Is it important for a diplomat to be diplomatic?”), finished with a query about whether the President has indeed seen the same (fictional!) film.

Even though it’s pretty clear this is just an excuse for “serious” political folk to scoff at the fashion industry, we will defer to our previous post on the subject, published back in June (yes, June!) as to why this is an all-around unlikely scenario:

While it’s true that the role of editor in chief entails a whole hell of a lot of diplomacy, mitigating disputes between hardheaded photographers and sweet talking favors out of celebrities does not a foreign policy expert make.

In our humble opinion, what Wintour’s not-so-newfound political involvement does suggest is that the connections it helps cultivate are highly lucrative for Vogue (MObama cover, anyone?) and, somewhat less cynically, that she genuinely supports the Prez and has some very wealthy, left-leaning friends. Though we do relish the thought of the torrent of ire that would spew from Glenn Beck if such an appointment were actually made, given his reaction to a mere 45-second fundraising commercial.

Ok, so we take back the last part, now that said torrent of ire is actually spewing out of Fox News and ABC alike. Might we suggest the pundits turn on The Editor’s Eye on HBO tonight? You know, an actual documentary about the actual woman, who’s probably sitting smugly in her office, rolling her eyes at them at this very moment.

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