Here Is Why Anna Wintour Isn’t Getting That Ambassador Job After All

The rumors surrounding Anna Wintour‘s candidacy for an ambassador post have been swirling for seven — count ‘em — seven whole months. They began in June when an article in the Guardian said that the editor could be in line for a “plum diplomatic post” as ambassador to the United Kingdom thanks to her prodigious efforts towards campaign fundraising for President Obama. We were skeptical from the get-go, although less of the idea that she might have been under consideration than of the idea that she might actually want the position.

The New York Times, however, now reports that Wintour was indeed interested in the post, citing “several people close to the White House,” but that the appointment will instead “almost certainly” go to Obama’s campaign finance chair Matthew Barzun. Wintour was also allegedly in the running to become ambassador to France, but is “no longer seeking the appointment,” and when contacted for comment, the Vogue team echoed their previous statements that the editor is quite happy where she is, thank you very much.

So what gives? Was the Wintour really ready to give up the corner office and her legions of impeccably-dressed staffers? Or could there have ulterior motives at play?

Tweets between Women’s Wear Daily media reporter Erik Maza and the TimesNick Confessore indicate that the editor was in the midst of contract negotiations with Condé Nast, in which the ambassador rumors would have made for a valuable bargaining chip. Confessore suggests that Wintour truly wanted the gig, but that leaking the news to the Guardian may have hurt her chances, while Maza says that the editor was never serious about leaving Vogue and in fact has now renewed her contract for another three years.

What do you think, have we finally seen the end of the diplomacy talk? Or will it all start up anew in 2015?

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