Liveblogging Anna Wintour’s Dinner With President Obama

No, we weren’t invited. Nor would we have had the $30,400 entry fee had we been invited. But we do have an intrepid and conveniently located intern who goes by the name of Justin Fenner and who just so happens to live less than one block from the brouhaha and who was willing to give up whatever fabulous plans he might have had tonight in order to camp outside the barricades — yes, there are barricades — and feed us updates.

We can’t guarantee he’ll stay there all night, but for now he’s committed. We also can’t guarantee he’ll have anything of note to offer other than crowd control and barricade updates, but we’re keeping our fingers crossed for a photo of Obama. And thus it begins.

8:03PM: This is the last photo we got of Wintour’s home from across Houston Street, taken about half an hour ago. You can see the white tent opening to accommodate the presidential limousine. We didn’t see the president, but we got a lot closer to the leader of our country than most people ever will.

7:26PM: We’re not sure, but we think that was it. Not even a look at the back of his head.

7:23PM: We just realized Obama was right on time — to the minute! And in NYC, too. Guess it helps to be President. Traffic and such.

7:20PM: The motorcycles were followed by the rest of the motorcade and the presidential limo! And as soon as the limo went through the tent, they closed it. Does this mean it’s over?

7:19PM: He’s coming!

7:18PM: A shirtless man on his fire escape has been told to go inside. He had a clear line of sight to Anna’s and that’s the problem. Two motorcycles just turned onto Sullivan.

7:15PM: Correction: one really loud, very close helicopter.

7:13PM: Helicopters are circling the perimeter. He’s gotta be getting close!

7:12PM: Some diva with a zoom lens has just rudely pushed her way to the front of the waiting area. Unanimous decision with the other watchers: we don’t like her.

7:11PM: Four guards! (On Anna’s roof.)

7:08PM: Tent’s open again! We’ve been sequestered to the sidewalk and rumor has it the motorcade will pass Saint Anthony’s. That last motorcade was a mini one. A false alarm, if you will.

7:05PM: The little white tent in front of Anna’s house has just been closed. We’re worried that we’re not going to see the president.

7:02PM: There is now a third guard on Anna’s roof. The crowd has diminished. Do people not wanna deal with the cops or do they really hate the health care bill?

7:01PM: Two police motorcycles just passed. There are no more civilian or commercial vehicles coming down Houston.


PREVIOUSLY: From 5:31PM to 6:58PM.

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